Wednesday, August 8, 2012


As many of you have probably not noticed, I have not been writing much on here lately. This summer has been super busy for me.  I have been working almost every day this summer and when I am not working, I am trying to rest.  This has led to a long period of time in which I haven't just gone climbing for the fun of it since early June.  Today that will change.

At the moment, I am on vacation in Washington DC.  I have never been here before.  Many friends have been telling me to go check out this or that museum or monument.  As much fun as that might be, I would rather play and hang out with friends.  I am also using this time as a transition from my hectic summer with work to a time where there will be a better balance of work, play, and training.  Yes, I said it, training.  I tend to not like training.  I have never had the discipline to stick with it.  Every couple of months, I will get this itch to get stronger or in better shape.  It might last a couple of days or maybe if I am lucky a week.  During that time I might run twice and hit the climbing gym or go climb a lot.  But that soon wears off and I slump back into the norm of working some, going climbing some, and just relaxing the rest of the time.

This time will be a bit different though.  This fall I will be taking an exam that will give me a higher certification with the AMGA if I pass.  Unlike most exams people take, this thing is six days long and will challenge me physically and mentally.  This is my motivation to be in better shape.  I don't want to be worried about the physical challenges so that I can focus on all the mental challenges that will take place during those six days.

Though my plan for my time in DC was to rest and maybe start to train, that hasn't been the case.  Obviously, I felt that 8 hours in a car was enough rest for me.  As soon as I arrived on Monday, I went to the climbing gym with my friends to get a good workout.  Tuesday, I chilled most of the day but then had the chance to experience another outdoor sport that I didn't know much about, kayaking.  We paddled a section of the Potomac River where I learned the basics of flipping your boat and how to get back above water.  It was a great experience except for the flies that kept biting my arms.  This then led to today, Wednesday.  This morning I woke up early to meet my friend Kristin at 6:30 to go for a run.  We did intervals.  This felt like training rather than the relaxing run I was used to.  Then later today, I will get the chance to experience a small crag just outside of DC called Great Falls.  Who would have thought that I would get to climb outside on a trip here.

The one thing that will be a set back is that a week ago today with the summer camp, I managed to strain a ligament between the base of my right middle and ring fingers.  I am hoping it isn't too serious and that it will heal quickly.  This has been a problem of mind for a few years.  As soon as I begin to start training for climbing, I get a finger issue that takes forever to heal.  In the past it has been a deterrent to training.  Hopefully, this will motivate me to train in different ways.  I am hoping to give some reports of training days, especially those that involve climbing on here.  Also, expect a few trip reports this fall since I will actually be taking trips.