About Travis

I, Travis, currently live in Brevard, NC.  I am a climbing guide for Fox Mountain Guides.  I have only recently moved here to start this job.  I grew up in Illinois just outside of St. Louis.  This provided me with plenty of things to do except climbing.  During college at Southwest Baptist University I began climbing and fell in love with what I now consider a life style.  While at SBU I managed to get a Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies.

Since college I have traveled to many different parts of the US climbing and doing work with Solid Rock Climbers for Christ.  If you look as past blog posts of mine, you will notice that many of them relate to either climbing, traveling, my personal beliefs in God, or any combination of those.  I have also developed a hobby out of taking photos, mostly of climbing.  You will see many of them here on my blog plus other photos from many different parts of my life.