Friday, December 5, 2008

General Revelation

Recently I have had some great discussion about general revelation and have read a friends thoughts on it. While sitting here digesting some of my thoughts on it I am reminded of many times that God's beautiful creation has drawn me to worship the one who created it all. Being a climber I sometimes have the opportunity to see things from perspectives that other people may not have. Many of these times I am so focused at what I am doing at that moment, such as climbing, that I miss those chances. But then there are the times where I take the chance to see the creation around me, take in the fall colors of the trees, drool over the formations in the rock, breath in the freshness of a multitude of fresh smells, gaze into a sunset or even a sunrise, or take the chance to admire one of God's greatest creations, the people around me.
One activity I wish that I would do more often is to sit in a busy place and just watch people. Watch their expressions, their reactions to life, and see them enjoying life. Doing this also brings about a mood of somberness in me because many of those people don't even know the one who created them so beautifully. As I write this images of when I would watch people pop into my head. The thing that saddens me the most is that they are so caught up in their own lives that they miss out on seeing the Creator in what is around them.
Tomorrow I plan on going out and experiencing the creation through my favorite activity, climbing. I hope that I will take, even if it is just a second, time to remember my God and worship Him.

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