Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Youth Group Mystery Trip

It has been a while since I was last in a youth group.  I remember it being a lot of fun, a place to go for encouragement, more drama than there needed to be, and we would go on fun trips.  This past week, Tracy and I had the privilege to guide a youth group from Florida.  

This youth group goes on a mystery trip every year.  Only the leaders know what is planned for the days of the trip.  The youth don’t find out the day’s activities until they arrive at whatever destination is scheduled.  This year they added rock climbing to the mystery trip.  Some of the kids had been climbing, mostly inside, before.  

Throughout the day, we had teen agers laying siege to The Nose on Looking Glass.  It was great to see them encourage each other and help one another out when one would get stuck on a move.  The one thing that I remember most about this group is that there were a few kids that loved to just hang out on the ledges.  One girl was always racing up a route with her camera in tow so that she could get some good shots.  Normally she would end up on a ledge and after 10 minutes, she would finally come down.  I actually got a picture of three of the students just chilling on a ledge enjoying the view and the great weather we had.


GreekVas said...

The photos you took of us here are great! Edited perhaps? and Thanks for your patience while I took 10 minutes to lay out on the ledge. :D

Travis Weil said...

I did edit those pics a bit.