Thursday, April 22, 2010

Solid Rock Website

Today I wanted to post a bit about what I am actually doing in Oregon. I am currently working as a volunteer missionary for the Solid Rock Climbers for Christ ministry. As an organization, we try to "encourage, equip, and empower climbers through personal witness and outreach." I took that from the brochure. What that looks like is, we try to bring Christian climbers together so that they will in turn be motivated to minister to the climbing community.

My goal for my work here is to get the new Solid Rock website finished so that we can get it running. I have been here over a week and a half now and the site is getting very close to being done. With only a few more tweaks and some testing to do it will be finished. This is a big deal because the website is the main way climbers get information about our organization. We also do many outreaches on our website. The biggest being our gear give away. We are currently on our 16th gear give away and it ends in June. The gear give aways are a way in which we are able to get people to our site so that they may possibly hear (read) the gospel.

The National Office for Solid Rock Climbers for Christ. (Is that the new website on my computer screen?)

For those of you who haven't known me that long, I came out here two years ago to do an internship in this very office. That was an exciting two and a half months. During that time, I was able to see how the ministry was ran and what kind of things it did for the climbing community. I was lucky enough to be involved in some great outreach events. At one of the events, the Red Rock Rendezvous, a young lady accepted Christ.

With the new site, we are hoping to allow better communication to the members of Solid Rock with the hopes that they will be encouraged to do more in their climbing community. I cannot wait to see how this impacts the climbing community and builds the kingdom of God. I will leave you with a picture, a screenshot of the new site. I hope you all will visit it once it is up and running. If you want to see how much of an improvement this site is, visit You can also try and find more information about Solid Rock. I said try because it is not an easy thing to do.

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